Improved Deployment Efficiency

Accelerating the recruitment process to dramatically improve deployment efficiency.

Step two of our Talent Acquisition Process (TAP) model involves compiling a fully comprehensive customer profile for each client to understand their business, culture and talent demands. Knowing this information helps us to pipeline the right talent for critical path sourcing needs.

Our 24/7 capability reduces the down time between receiving your enquiry and initiating the recruitment search, ensuring shorter wait times. Pioneer’s dedicated and experienced staff specializes in passive recruiting, providing a greater reach across the talent marketplace, enabling us to procure exceptional professionals for « hard-to-fill » positions.

Our RPO center in Pune, India, provides us with the flexibility to rapidly absorb surges in client demand and successfully staff even the largest of projects. At Pioneer, we guarantee you improved deployment efficiency, dramatically shortening the lengthy recruitment process. Contact us today to see how we can help streamline your business.