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Contract to Full Time Placements

Full peace of mind before you make the final hiring decision.

Another popular option for our clients, our contract to full time, or “right to hire” service, allows you to mitigate employment risk by letting us personally hand pick and pre-screen individual candidates before they step through your doors. All Pioneer employees undergo stringent background and credentialing checks, assuring that you receive only the very best candidates with verified qualifications and proven experience.

Pioneer’s contract to full time service offers the unique opportunity to “try before you buy”; allowing you to thoroughly review and evaluate a potential member of your team before deciding to make that consultant a permanent employee.

Contract to full time provides clients with the freedom to manage their staffing needs according to demand, affording them to pilot new projects and test sustainability before making a full time hiring commitment. Our clients have come to trust in us as a proven provider of key professionals, many of whom they have since converted into valuable full time team members.

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