Talent Acquisition Process

At the core of our continued success, is our Talent Acquisition Process.

At Pioneer, we have come to rely upon this five step process as a tried and tested means of exceeding our clients’ expectations, time and again.

Talent Aquisition Process SM chart

Market Analytics: With decades of experience across a variety of verticals, our account managers and recruiters keep track of market trends and dynamics. Investing considerable time and effort into market research and third-party compensation surveys, we stay abreast of fair market pay rates for given skill sets in different local markets. This enables us to offer our clients the highest quality talent at competitive rates.

Customer profile: Not all clients are created equal and, because of this, we have learned to offer a service that is highly flexible to meet specific needs. We dedicate our efforts to compiling a fully comprehensive customer profile for each client to understand their business, culture and talent demands. Knowing this information helps us to pipeline the right talent and provide value proposition to a prospective candidate.

Sourcing Strategies: Using the very best in technology and research methods, our combined teams across the globe are on hand day and night to locate the right professionals. Pioneer identifies candidates from a variety of sources including our benched contractors, pipelined candidates in our ATS, referrals from our employees, networking with industry contacts, responses to ads, active/passive searches on job boards and job fairs.

Talent matching: Our success has grown out of our ability to quickly recruit and qualify high-quality talent. Our recruiters have technical backgrounds and excel at understanding our clients’ needs in terms of technical skills as well as industry knowledge and personal attributes. We employ a thorough evaluation process, designed to ensure that candidates are well-suited to the client’s requirements before they are presented for consideration.

Relationship building: Over the years, we have become so effective at talent matching and customer profiling that we have successfully built lasting and valuable client relationships, many of whom are Fortune 500 companies. Retaining good talent is also critical to the success of client projects and we foster an environment in which our employees can excel. In fact, we have a formal process to consistently communicate with our consultants throughout their engagements, ensuring that they can rely on our continued support.