Our commitment to achieving excellence can only be upheld through the dedication and hard work of our employees. That’s why we are passionate about fostering an environment which invests in people, our capital. Pioneer gladly rewards merit and encourages loyalty, offering an attractive employee benefits package designed with you in mind.

Choosing to work with us means more than just taking a job; at Pioneer you can develop your entire career. We constantly monitor market developments to ensure that our compensation model competes with or exceeds those of other recruitment firms. Pioneer offers one of the most competitive compensation packages out there, just some of these many benefits include:

  • Competitive Wages. We offer excellent compensation to all our employees. In fact, our salary structure is among the top 10% in the industry and, with our commitment to constant improvement, we carry out salary/performance reviews every year.
  • Benefits. Benefits are available to eligible, full-time salaried employees.
  • Insurance. We offer our employees the most Comprehensive Medical Insurance with Prescriptions Drug Benefits and Vision Plan.
  • Vacation/Holidays. Our salaried employees are entitled to the following vacation/holidays per year:
    - 2 Weeks of paid Vacation
    - Up to 12 Client Holidays per year
  • Savings Plan. We offer a flexible 401K Savings Plan, which is available to all employees. This adaptable plan provides you with the opportunity to contribute up to $16,500 per year through convenient pre-tax payroll deductions. Your contribution may be invested in stocks, bonds, mutual funds and/or money market funds. Our Plan Administrator can assist employees with rollovers and other financial/investment issues.
  • Credit Union. We are a corporate member of the AFFINITY Federal Credit Union. All our employees have access to various benefits offered by the Credit Union such as credit cards, car loans, house loans, and more.
  • Employee Referral. We are witnessing growth due to the high number of referrals from our existing employees. We give a bonus for each employee referral. A special bonus is given for 5 or more employee referrals per year. We also give bonuses for Client/Project referrals.
  • Employee Bi-Monthly Payroll (Direct Deposit Available).
    Employees are paid twice monthly; the 10th and 15th of each calendar month. Hours worked from the 1st –15th of the month are paid on 25th of that month. Hours worked from the 16th through the last day of the month are paid on the 10th of the following month.